Peanut Butter

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Squirrel Dreams

Saw this picture on Reddit of a comic published in a university newspaper… Who else dreams of squirrels in hats? I know I have.CNWIYEj

Sugar Bush Squirrel

The worlds most photographed squirrel, named Sugar Bush, was featured on this weeks new episode of “My Strange Obsession” on TLC. She also has her own youtube channel!¬†For the record, I don’t usually watch this show…. I just saw the commercial and tuned in this one time out of necesity for squirrel research. Plus it helped me focus on my essay because while other episodes of it played I really had no interest in watching it but the sound of the TV kept me awake. Needless to say it has been a long week with minimal sleep.


Without further adue, I present Sugar Bush. This is a brief clip of her appearence on TLC:

(side note: please ignore the man who is obsessed with that mannequin… same episode.)

And here are some photos of our budding star.

sb1 sb5 sb3 sb4

If Sugar Bush’s full episode is ever uploaded to youtube, I will try and post it here! But in the meantime, try and look out for it on TLC. I believe the show runs on wednesday nights for a few hours around 10 or 11.