Someone posted these photos to reddit of the baby he found in a bag of mulch that he had bought. He named him Zip and has been taking very good care of him!


“Day 1: Cut open a gab of mulch and this little guy fell out!”

“Day 3: Force feeding”
zip_03 “2 Weeks: Eating like a champ!”

zip_04 “3 Weeks: This is how he looks after over eating!”

zip_05“4-5 Weeks: Eyes finally opening!”
zip_06“5 Weeks: Fully aware and getting playful!”


3 responses

  1. Oh! I saw that article and the pictures on another site. What an amazing story. Incredible that this little guy was still alive, and how lucky for him that he managed to find someone who would take care of him. Adorable baby squirrel … but, then again, they are all adorable, in my opinion. Even the grown ones. 🙂

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