Big Sky Buddies

After an unexplainable hiatus, the call of the squirrel community has rung loudly in my direction- beckoning my return to this tiny corner of the blogosphere. But why the radio silence? Forgetfulness, procrastination, and college brain, mostly. It was not a premeditated departure, it simply dropped, rather suddenly, off my radar.

The original birth of this blog was the answer to a casual question posed by my beloved college roommate:

“You stop and take so many squirrel photos. Why? Do you even do anything with them?” 

Anyways, six years have since passed, and I still pause my life (and that of those around me) to take an exuberant amount of squirrel photos.

“What are you doing? Can we go?”
“No, wait, I need to take another picture of this guy first.”
“Why. You already took a bunch.”

I miss the answer to this type of exchange being:
“So I can blog about it. I HAVE FOLLOWERS THAT NEED ME.”

The above example is fully inclusive of my recent trip to Glacier National Park. Apparently, even the magnificently breathtaking views of Big Sky Country cannot maintain my attention fully over squirrel buddies. This trip was the first time that I saw a ground squirrel in person! Strange looking little dudes, but equally curious and lovable as my local grey squirrels. Less relevant, but I also saw a moose for the first time!


The trail down to Hidden Lake. Normal people are busy photographing the stunning view. I, of course, got distracted by new friends.


Hiking up to Grinnell Glacier. What this picture does not show is the group of other hikers that also stopped for this photo.


This guy was hanging out at the visitor center near the trail heads at Logan Pass. Presumably because he was hoping to get in on everyone’s trail mix situation.

Special thanks to Tiffany, the aforementioned collegiate roomie who originally inspired the sharing of my never-ending squirrel observations. Another big ‘ole thank you to Peter, the first person (to my knowledge) that snagged a picture of my squirrel photography attempts! …and for dealing with my constant critter related delays to our Montana hikes. Lastly, to jtchalker, the new follower that subscribed just this morning. You signed up to a blog that has sat dormant for over five years. You might be spam, you might be real, but that “new subscriber” email notification has awoken my love for squirrel shares.

Stay squirrelly, y’all.


Bonus moose photo!